Jon Cozart Roasted Every YouTuber In A Song At The Streamys And It Was SAVAGE

27 September 2017, 10:40 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Jon Cozart Roasted Every YouTuber In A Song At The

By Benedict Townsend

"Hey that's Shay Carl - I wonder who he's texting?"

Jon Cozart hosted this year's Streamy awards (you can a list of all the winners here) - and boy, he did not disappoint. He decided to roast the living hell out of every YouTuber in the room - and in typical Cozart fashion, he did it in a song. Now, when we say roast, we don't mean some weak, 'roast yourself challenge' nonsense, we mean brutal making fun of Shay Carl cheating on his wife type nonsense. Yeah, he did NOT hold back.

There was no star too big to be roasted, with everyone from Liza Koshy to Hannah Hart being put on blast. It took some pretty incredible balls to do, but that's Jon Cozart for you: doing the devil's work with an angel's singing voice.

Watch it here:

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