Jon Cozart Just ROASTED YouTube Culture In New Video

1 April 2016, 09:44 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You need to make sure you watch this video.

Let's be honest, we've watched YouTube for so long that we can all see the stereotypes and plot holes forming right before our very eyes. Between ghost written books, tirelessly sponsored content and a distinct lack of diversity, it's not too difficult to spot some of the more uncomfortable truths we all try desperately hard to avoid. That was until Jon Cozart posted this new incredible song satirising the entirety of YouTube culture in 2016 - the ENTIRETY OF IT.

Starring a whole host of famous cameos, Jon sings about the savage, but totally undeniable truths about YouTube that we've all grown to accept. With some support from Kingsley, Flula, Anna Akana, Steve Zaragoza, MysteryGuitarMan, Timothy DeLaGhetto and Jack Douglass, the whole song is shot in one take and goes from one laugh straight into the next. You absolutely must watch this for FOMO.

Some of our favourite nuggets of truth are as follows: "You paid for a book I didn't write", "The truth is we're not heroes, we just play some online" and "I'm monetising kissing guys". Jon's casual wit and unapologetic roast of YouTubers in 2016 will surely turn a few heads over the next couple of days as it has already gained over 320,000 views in only 15 hours (at the time of writing).

With other YouTube celebrities such as Lilly Singh and Olan Rogers rallying in support of Jon's newest roast, we hope that this video brings light to some creators that we humble viewers aren't quite as accepting as they think. Particularly as some of their truths and secrets from BTS of their YouTube industry is exposed and mocked for the entire world to see.