JonTron Slams Women’s March, Says Supporting Women Is ‘Sexist’ In Twitter Rant

24 January 2017, 16:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Twitter was taken by surprise when Jon launched into a Twitter storm attacking the Women's March and women's movements in general

JonTron, one of YouTube's funniest and most entertaining gamers took the Twitterverse by surprise today, when he started posting a series of tweets that protested against the recent Women's March and women's support movements in general.

He asserted that supporting women is 'sexist':

Many of his followers were confused by this, pointing out that supporting women doesn't inherently harm men or somehow mean that men are worse.

Jon, who has 1.6 million Twitter followers. went on to state that he wasn't necessarily talking about the march only, but the general idea of 'blindly' supporting women:


Jon then went on to say that you can't support women because one of them might be 'a murderer'; which misses the entire point of pro-women movements. Most are about emphasising that someone shouldn't be denied equality just because they're born a woman, as opposed to saying that every woman who is ever born is great.


Jon also stated that he refused to believe that women were in any way oppressed in the West, because they're not forced to wear a hijab.

So if there are any women out there who are worrying about female health services being defunded, Roe v Wade being overturned,  the amount of rape cases that go uninvestigatedshockingly lenient sentencing for rapists when they get caught and a President who is on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women - then have no fear! You don't have to wear an item of Arabic cultural clothing so everything is actually fine for you.


As you can imagine, this opinion was not received warmly by the Twitter community:

His mini-rant came after Jon voiced his support for Piers Morgan, the journalist-turned-Twitter troll who recently tweeted out against the Women's March and tried to make it somehow to do with men being oppressed (which, among other things, ignores the huge number of men who took part in the Women's March).


Actor Ewan McGregor had declined to appear on TV show because Piers would be hosting; which was the moment Jon first spoke up in defence of Piers:


All in all it's a very surprising turn of events, seeing as Jon tends to be a pretty happy-go-lucky guy. The response from his followers appears to be a mix of people supporting him and more people just being confused and disappointed.


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