Jonathan Joly Just Posted An Incredibly Brave Story About Being Sexually Assaulted And It’s So Important

13 October 2017, 15:03 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

YouTube user Jonathan Joly

By Benedict Townsend

"It haunted me. It still haunts me."

TW: Sexual assault

In the wake of the ongoing allegations of sexual assault against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, more and more people are coming forward about similar experiences in their own lives. This now includes YouTuber Jonathan Saccone Joly, who has released a video called 'I Am A Victim Of Sexual Assault' in which he details abuse he suffered at the age of 19.

It's an incredibly heavy video and one that may be difficult to watch, but it is undeniably important. We cannot applaud Jonathan enough for having the strength to speak out. Here is the video:

As you can see, Jonathan has made this video to emphasise that this is a real issue that happens frequently - and that there is no shame in speaking out about it. We cannot even imagine how hard it was for Jonathan to make a video about this incident, but his words on the subject are incredibly powerful and this video will hopefully be helpful for those with similar experiences.


Viewers are already inspired

The comments on the video have been overwhelmingly supportive, with many many people thanking Jonathan for having the courage to speak out.