JonTron Says 'Wealthy Blacks Commit More Crimes Than Poor Whites' In Racist Tirade

14 March 2017, 14:20 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

JonTron has angered a great many of his fans after a marathon tirade during a livestream in which he revealed a huge number of controversial racial opinions

2017 has not been JonTron's year. After a history of hinting staunchly right-wing views, Jon has doubled down on his nationalistic rhetoric and seems to be getting more hardline by the day. Previously in 2017, he received huge backlash for criticising both the Women's March and pro-women sentiments in general; and now he seems to have turned his focus to racial politics.

In a marathon tirade during a livestream with fellow gaming YouTuber Destiny, Jon expressed a number of highly controversial (and in some cases factually incorrect) opinions about race, immigration and crime.

A Reddit user has compiled a full list of his statements, but here is just a few examples:

  • Arguing that the US should be kept majority white.
  • Colonialism benefitted the people that were colonised.
  • America was built by white people and is a white country.
  • Claiming their have been "Muslim riots" in European countries.
  • That there is no discrimination in Western countries.
  • That wealthy "blacks" [sic] create more crime than poor white people.

This last quote about "wealthy blacks" and "poor whites" raised eyebrows immediately. When pressed by Destiny to provide evidence to back up this claim, Jon declined - likely due to the fact that there is no data that backs up this claim. There appears to be no reliable data that correlates with what Jon stated, and it's not clear where he heard this information. Similarly, his statements about "Muslim riots" in countries like the UK has raised questions. There have been no such riots in the UK that would correlate to what he is asserting. Destiny, for his part, spent the stream arguing against most of Jon's points.

As you can imagine, the reaction to Jon's comments has been ... heated. A large number of fans have begun to abandon him over his comments; which are, in some cases, the objective definition of racism.

Here's what Jon's own dedicated Subreddit looks like at the moment:

And this:



This goodbye message seems to represent a large swathe of fans.

With over a thousand up-votes, it seems many fans feel as this user does.



It's only fair to admit that yes, there are people defending Jon's comments; Though it is worth noting that many of the people defending his comments are doing so because they too share his apparent opinions on race.

If you want to watch the full stream (not really the most enjoyable way to spend two hours tbh, but hey it's up to you) then you can see it here: