JonTron Gets Some SERIOUS Hate After This Anti-Trump Rant

17 November 2016, 15:39 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We're not sure how ewe feel about this...

In a post-Election world, social media has kinda become a hellfire of people shouting their various opinions... even though it's well over a week since the result. However, as much as YouTubers often try to take a positive stance on politics (or actively choose to remain unbiased), it looks just JonTron just took his thoughts about Anti-Trump protesters a bit too far for some of his fans.

In a series of tweets, Jon criticised Anti-Trump protesters for their behaviour following on from a "fair and democratic election", claiming that they wouldn't like it if Trump supporters had the same "insurrection" if the Election results went another way. His thoughts are simple: The Anti-Trump protests aren't helping the Left's reasonable argument regarding Trump vs Hillary. But for some fans of Jon Jafari, seeing him bring up conversations about racism and homophobia was too much and there was some pretty harsh backlash.


Nick Monroe, a gaming journalist, gathered together various snippets of the hate sent back at Jon following his Twitter rant, including threats that he should have been "aborted" and should consider killing himself. Whilst you may not be the biggest JonTron fan in the world, you must agree that this sort of reaction isn't helping the overall conversation and political climate at all.

There are two sides to every story though, and whilst multiple members of the JonTron fan community were furious with his thoughts, a majority of his right-leaning followers supported his thoughts, with most of them praising him for speaking up about something he truly believed in.

But what do YOU think? Should JonTron have kept his thoughts to himself, or did he have every right to say what was on his mind, regardless of how controversial it might have been? Let us know in the comments below!