JusReign Is Racially Profiled At Airport, Tweets The Whole Thing

23 February 2016, 17:02 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

In 2016, we can't believe this is still happening.

It's 2016. Honestly, in 2016 the world shouldn't be dealing with racial profiling and sexual prejudice but here we are, still talking about it. The newest victim of airport security discrimination against religious headwear is the Indo-Canadian Vine and YouTube comedian, JusReign, who tweeted through his entire experience to let the world know what was happening.

JusReign, real name Jasmeet Singh, was boarding a flight in a San Francisco airport when the security check-desk asked him to remove his turban or else he "wouldn't be able to be let through to catch [his] flight". Whilst Jasmeet complied with their request in order to make everyone present feel "safe", when he asked for a mirror to retie is turban afterwards he was told to "just walk down the terminal to the nearest restroom". Not cool TSA.


For Sikh men, turbans are mandatory in public and is worn to protect their hair and convey a sense of identity. Therefore asking JusReign to walk through an entire airport hanger to use a single mirror was not only extremely insensitive, but demonstrated a total lack of religious education from the employees at TSA.

Unfortunately, since the incident has gone viral over Twitter, multiple fan accounts have tried to drag JusReign on social media by adding that they have had to remove their shoes at airports before and that he needed to "stop complaining". Perhaps in addition to employee education, the school system in general is not doing enough in the world to educate young people as to the cultural significance of a Sikh man's turban.

There has been no comment from TSA just yet, but as the story continues to get media coverage we can hope in the future that people working in the public domain will be educated on religious beliefs in order to stop discrimination all together.