Justin Bieber Is Officially The Most Hated Person On YouTube

5 February 2016, 11:23 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

What Do U Mean?!

It comes with great sadness that we have to prove that Justin Bieber really is the most hated person on the Internet - or at least on YouTube. A statement was made by Google during a report at a British Parliamentary committee in which it was announced that Justin Bieber officially has the most complained about video in YouTube's history. Ouch.

Dr Anthony House, a senior policy adviser at Google, was delivering a report about Google's work to counteract terrorism and extremism online. When he presented evidence regarding how hard they are working to keep inappropriate content off video sharing platforms such as YouTube he dropped this truth bombshell; "Our most flagged video ever is a Justin Bieber video, just because people dislike it".

Poor Justin Bieber.

It has not been disclosed which video was Public Enemy #1, nor was the amount of times it had been flagged but people on the Internet have already started to do their research by pointing out that Bieber's first hit back in 2010 already has 5.5 million dislikes.

The flagging system on YouTube is in place to ensure that users can report any videos that breach violations regarding YouTube's policies on nudity, sex, violence or intimidation, but more often than not this system has been abused to express hatred or displeasure at personalities in the spotlight.

Earlier this week we revealed that a large collection of YouTubers were growing increasingly impatient with the flagging and copyright reports often wrongly filled against them by angry fans. Whilst these flags have serious consequences for smaller creators, we're not quite sure how Mr Bieber would feel about his new title.

Discussing why Justin's video hasn't been taken down by Google yet, Dr House stated that "if a video doesn't violate our guidelines, no amount of flagging will change that, and the video will stay on the site". I suppose we can't argue with that logic!

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