Justin Bieber’s Been Searching For ‘MDMA’ On YouTube And There’s Receipts To Prove It

1 June 2017, 11:45 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:26

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

In the words of Melania Trump, "what is she thinking?"

Justin Bieber appeared to dump a large chunk of his camera roll onto Instagram yesterday, uploading a whopping 26 snaps in just one hour. From a selfie with his finger up a friend's nose (gross, right?) to a shot of his head super imposed onto Halsey's body, the YouTube star turned pop icon has been branching out from his usual formula of staged "candids", tour snaps and ab shots.

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But one in particular seems especially peculiar. The upload in question shows a YouTube search bar with the words "MDMA used for" - that's ecstasy, kids - typed out, and an absolutely bizarre video playing underneath.


The video, entitled "When People Get High As F*ck," starts off with a Jerry Springer clip, which then transitions to an interview with a shirtless hippy.  The interviewer asks him, "What do you think the meaning of life is?" To which our shirtless friend replies, "To live in the mystery and to find purpose." MIND BLOWN.


We discovered that the hippy in question is internet comedian Matthew Silver

He actually makes some pretty delightful videos, including this wonderfully pure dance number. Matthew, we like the cut of your jib.

Dance lessons with @jesusg1992 on drums #Repost @natalia_b_t ??? My favorite guy is back in town! ?#Matthewsilver

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We still have no idea why Justin shared the surreal clip. Is he trying to warn his young fans about the dangers of narcotics? Was he high af? Is this all a mysterious performance art? All we know is:


Or if you are worried about drug abuse or interested in harm reduction, visit Talk To Frank, k?


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