YouTuber Does "Killer Clown With Chainsaw" Stunt, Then Forced To Apologise

12 October 2016, 09:38 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson


In October 2016, a craze is sweeping through the UK as people are dressing up as killer clowns and running around the streets in order to terrorise everyday people - I'm not kidding. However, one YouTuber found out how stupid it was to join in with this craze after he donned his own clown costume and ran around his university campus with a chainsaw. Whilst he has since apologised for his actions, stating it was for a video, he's currently facing disciplinary procedures for his so-called prank.

'Kenny', a 19-year-old Media Studies student from Brunel University in West London, was caught in the middle of filming the latest prank video for his YouTube channel, KingKennyTV. Even though he had pre-prepared his actors and the people around by pointing out that it was all for a video, onlookers elsewhere saw his clown disguise and took to social media to share their horror. As you can imagine, seeing a clown running outside your dorm with a chainsaw is pretty petrifying, especially if you had no idea why he was there.

Kenny, seen wearing a gold clown costume and curly red wig, was caught on camera (and not just his own) running at members of the public with a chainsaw in the hopes it would generate a good shock reaction from them - but it has since come out that these people were acting. In fact, Kenny has spoken to HuffPostUK about his controversial video, saying that "it was purely for entertainment to grow [his] channel"... was it really worth it though?

He has since tweeted out direct apologies to fellow Brunel students who shared frightened social media posts, and has also been told that he cannot film on campus without prior permission from the security team. Only time will tell now if his video gets the views he deemed worthy enough to put his University position in jeopardy.

You can see Kenny's video below, but it does kinda take the edge off the prank once you already know it's all faked...


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