KSI Reveals He’s Getting Deported From America In Emotional Video

16 August 2017, 09:28 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

KSI Deported from USA

By Benedict Townsend

Looks like getting Laid In America didn't pan out so well

YouTuber, rapper and occasional movie star KSI has announced that he is being deported from the U.S of A. KSI is currently in Los Angeles but has revealed that that arrangement is no more. In a new video, KSI stated that "I need to go to back to England for personal reasons - and actual reasons." However he went on to say "I won't be telling you the reasons cos I feel like I don't need to and hopefully you guys can respect that."

However it's not the end of KSI's adventures in America. "When I get back to England I'm going to work on getting a visa so i can actually manage to live in America." His mention of a visa here may be a clue to why he is being deported in the first place - it is notoriously difficult to move to America without extensive paperwork being done first. You can see the video here: