Feminist YouTuber Laci Green Is At The Centre Of An Alt-Right Online Firestorm

13 June 2017, 15:19 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

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By Team Unicorns

You may have seen quite a lot of online discussion about Laci Green and her change in views. Here is a primer on exactly what's happened

Laci Green, a now self-described "rogue feminist" YouTuber known for her videos on a variety of social issues, has the been at the centre of some controversy within the online community this month. The issue centres on her new relationship with 'anti-SJW' personality, Chris Maldonado, a.k.a. Chris Ray Gun and also her somewhat sudden switch in beliefs, which some link to the new relationship.


Laci's relationship with Chris, along with a video she made called 'Taking the Red Pill' has caused upset among her former peers, who view the moves as a 18o degree turn on her previously held socio-political views. 'Taking the red pill' is a phrase very commonly used among members of the alt-right and Men's Rights Activists - both groups that do not have a glowing history with feminism. Chris has also been called out on numerous occasions on accusations of misogyny, transphobia and even 'white supremacism'.

Feminist Figures are not happy

Needless to say, the change in direction coupled with the relationship with a figure like Chris has not been well received in some quarters.

Including from people Laci looks up to

The foundations for the upset had been laid previously

Laci was already a somewhat controversial figure among progressives even when she openly subscribed to their beliefs, due to her views being dismissed as 'white feminism'. That is, feminism that focuses more on the issues of privileged white women, over the issues faced by people of other backgrounds and races. Her new relationship and her stated intent to open up 'dialogue' with 'anti-SJWs' has only compounded this perception for some people.

For some, the issue was in the change of brand

Less so than the particular relationship, some are upset with the sudden change of direction in terms of Laci's content.

But Laci is standing her ground

She has remained defiant in the face of a huge backlash and has also found support - but within a much different community than she knew previously.

The story is fascinating in the way it demonstrates the divided political landscape of the online world - and shows that a person's beliefs, no matter how confident, may evolve or even entirely change with time. Are you a Laci viewer? How do you feel about her change in stance? Will it affect how you feel about her as a creator? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.