WATCH: Laurbubble Just Parodied Every YouTube Trend You're Sick Of

22 August 2016, 16:17 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:43


By Liam Dryden

If you can't bear to watch another American candy challenge, Laurbubble has got you covered with an excellent new sketch!

When you're getting fed up of the "trendy" brand of YouTube videos that take over 15 mins to get through, you can always rely on an old-school YouTuber like Laurbubble to make relentless fun of them in under three.

In a brilliant new sketch, Laura burns through all the vlog trends that have been painfully overdone in the past few years; from American candy challenges, to shopping hauls, to overcomplicated contouring videos. To put it in simple terms, nothing that has been uploaded by several hundred creators in the past is safe.

A personal highlight for us definitely has to be her attempt at the Boyfriend Tag with her significant other; a bottle of vodka. We've all been there, Laura.


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