Another YouTuber Has Been Hacked And We're So Done

7 July 2016, 09:09 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is the same group that hacked Lilly Singh.

The Great Hacking War of 2016 is still continuing this week following a breach of security on a popular but controversial YouTube channel, LeafyIsHere. Hacked by Poodle Corp, the same folks who shut down Lilly Singh's social media accounts for a few hours recently, Leafy's channel was completely defaced, with both his video thumbnails and title's changed to say "hacked by".

Calvin Vail, the personality behind the LeafyIsHere channel, has since restored his channel to his original programming, but not before seeing over 300 of his videos pain-stakingly changed from their original design - which, at the time of writing, still need to be changed back. Luckily for Calvin, when Poodle Corp hacked Lilly Singh, WatchMojo and RedMercy they were able to get hold of other social media profiles as well as PayPal accounts, but Leafy's security troubles seem to be isolated only to his channel, as you can see from the screenshot below.


[Source: HackRead]

In response to the hack, Leafy has uploaded a vlog to his channel in which he shares his thoughts when he noticed the hack; "The last 12 hours have been so stressful it's f*cking unreal". Calvin goes on to discuss how he felt "completely heartbroken" as he "sat there feeling completely destroyed, embarrassed and depressed" - all emotions we totally understand if the career you've been building for years is suddenly defaced!

Amidst all the dramatic, yet totally unbelievable, storylines about Leafy working with Dylan the Hacker to take on Poodle Corp and mess them up, Calvin really took the time to let his fans know that he's so thankful for their support. The hack was seemingly restored after Leafy spoke to other "hackers, Google staff and other YouTubers", but there is still some hard work to go until things are back to normal.

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