Tons Of Your Faves Are Leaving Snapchat For This One Reason

3 March 2017, 16:13 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

A recent report has claimed that social media stars are leaving Snapchat and those who are loyal to the app have serious concerns over the future of the product. Buzzfeed recently compiled a report where they spoke to some of the biggest influencers on the platform and it seems as if they're growing tired of Snapchat not listening to their problems. As a result, some of Snapchat's most loved creators are leaving and heading over to Instagram for their Stories feature instead.

So, what's the problem?

Creators are becoming increasingly annoyed that Snapchat doesn't offer in-depth analytics; whilst you can see who has viewed your Snaps, you're currently unable to tell how many followers you have, their age range and a whole bunch of other important facts. Essentially, it all comes down to business deals and the fact is that advertisers and brands are less likely to sponsor you if you can only really guess at your numbers.

leaving snapchat

At this moment in time, however, it's not something Snapchat themselves seem to care about. They told Buzzfeed that their main focus was on engagement and interaction between family and friends.

The company spoke to Shaun 'Shounduras' McBride, who is one of Snapchat's biggest influencers, about his concerns. Shaun is becoming more and more successful on YouTube and is prioritising it as his platform of choice: "If Snapchat would just open up the lines of communication with creators and help us understand the platform better so we could work [more easily] with brands, we’d probably focus more on posting our best content on Snapchat.”

What's next?

Creators are seemingly still on board with Snapchat but there is fear that they will start leaving in their droves if the platform doesn't make some serious changes soon. What we could potentially see is a Snapchat feed without the likes of Gabriella Lindley, InTheFrow or The Saccone Jolys.

Influencer Sallia Goldstein was one of the people who has dumped Snapchat for favour of Instagram Stories. She told Buzzfeed: "“It’s not because I necessarily want to move everything over to Instagram, it’s because I have to."

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So there we have it. Will Snapchat no longer be able to hold onto some of its biggest stars? Or are people making a fuss over nothing? Let us know in the comments below.