Lilly Singh's YouTube Channel Was Hacked And She Was FURIOUS

27 June 2016, 16:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

She went crazy at the hackers!

Lilly Singh's had a bit of a nightmare - her YouTube account got so very hacked. And the timing was terrible.

The anonymous hacker took not only to Lilly's YouTube account, changing every single video title on there as well as sending out crazy updates from her social media channels.

Luckily, Lilly and her team had managed to recover everything except her personal Twitter feed within hours of being notified of the hack. What's super sad though, is how the cyber attack ruined what should have been a special day for Lilly - her best friend's wedding.

Lilly was so stressed out by the attack that she left home having forgotten some of the items she would desperately need for the wedding trip, including her actual vlogging camera.

In her YouTube video, she says to her hacker, "First of all, FU. FU very hard. Not even like a pleasant type of FU. FU very hard. And I will find you and I will, politely, in a unicorn way, destroy you."

The vlogger was close to tears as she said, "Today of all days! When you come and eff all my ish, I don't appreciate that... not effin' cool... [sic] I'm gonna go upstairs and be the best friend I can be right now. But I am not ok." Luckily, when Lilly arrived before the wedding reception, the bride was calm and understanding. By the end of the day Lily's team had recovered and gained control of all her accounts once again.

Following the episode, Lilly concludes that she's going to try harder to maintain a better work/life balance. She also repeats a huge thank you to her fans, who took to social media in droves to alert the YouTuber that something was amiss with her account. In the video, Lilly says, "Thank you so much. I love you. We are all in this together."


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