Lily Singh Had The Most Epic Red Carpet Arrival This Weekend

20 June 2017, 12:04 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

We the Unicorns

By Josh Lee

Okay Lily now let's get in formation

Lilly Singh arrived at this weekend's iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs) in true BAWSE style.

The YouTuber, author and soon-to-be film star has been vocal about female empowerment ever since she's been in the public eye. Her appearance at the MMVAs on Sunday was no different. Arriving with a small army of young girls in tow, Lilly and her squad hit the red pink carpet with the word's "Love Thy Sister" emblazoned on their shirts.

When asked about her arrival, which left her interviewer "with goosebumps", Lilly said, "I'm all about girl power, girl love, bringing girls together. And I think right now, more than ever in the world, sisterhood and strength means you come together and understand that feminism is about all shapes and sizes and colours. And sisters and girls? We're going to take over the world!"


Lilly also offered some tips on self-l0ve: "I would say regardless of what anyone tells you about outfits and designers and all those things, wear what makes you feel happy and confident. You know, don't worry about lines and love handles... just own it! Be yourself girl, do what you need to do!"



But seriously though. When is Lilly Singh NOT empowering girls?

Earlier this month, Lilly encouraged her fans to enter a competition for female filmmakers in partnership with Glamour magazine. The #GirlGaze competition, for which Lilly is a judge, aims to showcase women who make films and help fix the ridiculous difference in the number of successful films made by women compared to men - only 11 of the 500 top-grossing films were directed by women in 2016.


A true super woman for the ages


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