‘Lit Right Now’ Is The Internet’s New Viral Song And It’s So Cringe

7 March 2018, 10:52 | Updated: 7 March 2018, 15:58

lit right now 2
Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

I'm starting to think she might be lit right now

The internet is abuzz about a brand new terrible song, which is already being hailed as the new 'Friday', the classic internet anthem which famously celebrated the fifth day of the week.

The song is called 'Lit Right Now' and is 'sung' by someone called Sydney McGee - which is apparently a real person's name and not a fake name Michael Cera would make up on the spot when confronted by a cop in a teen comedy film.


What the hell is it?

The song actually already existed, it's called - unsurprisingly - 'Lit Right Now':

This song was then 'remixed' by Sydney McGee who, once again, we must emphasise is a real person and not the name a Senator uses to check into a hotel so he can cheat on his wife of 18 years. The 'remixing' really just involves her rapping - and we use the term 'rapping' very loosely here - over the existing song.

Highlights from her rap lyrics include:

- 'comment section so lit, like a candle'

- 'my phone is always wet, wet'

Is that slang? Why would you want your phone to be wet? So many questions.

But there's one thing that we can't ignore

There's this noise she makes, over and over in this song. It's like 'UNGH!' It sounds like she keeps stubbing her toe throughout. Once you hear it you won't be able to stop noticing it, so... sorry for pointing it out, I guess.

Also the song sounds like The Locomotion

Just take a look for yourself: