This Vlogger Live Streamed Her Smear Test And You Need To See It For The Sake Of Your Health

29 March 2017, 11:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

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By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Anna Cribb is breaking the stigma and fear around cervical cancer testing.

For women, a smear test is one of the most important things she can ever do for her health - but why do so many people avoid them? The test is to detect any abnormal cells which have led to or could lead to ovarian cancer or other abnormalities. However, the intimate test and the associated potential pain that comes with it means many women ignore their doctors letters to attend, despite it being hugely important.

To help break down the stigma and fear, one vlogger went to the extent of live streaming her smear test in the hope it would encourage other women to attend theirs and see there's anything to be afraid of.

Live Smear Test

Vlogger Anna Cribb, who runs the Hey Mummy channel, partnered with ChannelMum to broadcast her smear test live on Facebook; over 13,000 people viewed the footage live with masses of comments congratulating the vlogger on being so brave and raising awareness of such an important topic.

smear test

Anna said: "Having had abnormal smear test results when I was younger that resulted in laser treatment and a colposcopy, I might not be here today to make this live video if I hadn’t gone for my routine cervical screening. If I could encourage one person to go to their appointment by proving today that the test is not awful then this has been worth it. I want to remove the stigma and fear that so many women have of these tests. Having your smear may save your life."

Anna isn't the first YouTuber to talk openly and honestly about the test with creators such as Zoe Sugg, Lucy Jane Wood, Talk Becky Talk and Hannah Witton all sharing their experiences and encouraging viewers to break the stigma and get checked.


If you want to watch the full live smear test video, you can do so by pressing play on the video below. Huge well done to Anna and Channel Mum for fighting the fear!