Liza Koshy Is 'Jingle Ballin' In Brand New Christmasy YouTube Red Show

1 December 2016, 15:13 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This looks LIT!

Liza Koshy is having one hell of a 2016. After winning numerous awards for being one of the top Breakout Creators on Vine/YouTube, she has now been able to sharpen her focus on some longer form content. Following on from her love for all things Christmasy and covered in baubles, Liza just announced that she has a brand new YouTube Red show coming out in just a week!

The show, aptly called 'Jingle Ballin', will be debuting on YouTube Red on December 6th and follows the story of one YouTuber feeling homesick over the holidays. However, instead of starting her own Vlogmas or travelling to see family, she decides to invite the entire Internet world over to her house to celebrate in style!

You can check out the official trailer for Liza's new TV show right here:

In a Facebook Live interview with Mashable, Koshy spoke more about why this show was the perfect fit her brand; "I freaking love the holidays. I've been psyched for them. It's my favourite time of year. This one was super easy to agree to. It gave me the opportunity to do longer content. It's a 35-minute special. Everything I come up with myself has been seven minutes and below. Shorter form... I was super excited to create something longer and see if I could even do it".

Jingle Ballin also features a whole host of Liza's friends and fellow Internet creators such as Timothy DeLaGhetto, Gabbie Hanna, Alx James, Zane Hijazi and Meghan Reinks. But, before we finish this article up, lets all just take a proper look at the official poster for the show. Koshy is absolutely unstoppable and we wish her all the luck in the world for the show and 2017 in general! She be ballin' all year round to be honest...