LoeyLane Just Took Down Body Shamers With The Most Iconic Video

31 July 2017, 15:50 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

Loey Lane

By Josh Lee

The library is OPEN.

Loey Lane has hit back at internet dullards who make unsolicited comments about her size and dress sense; in a brand new - and spectacularly sarcastic - video upload.

Loey, who has long been an advocate of body positivity, shared her "Fat Girl Summer Dress Code" video on 25th July, in response to "opinionated people on the internet" who like to tell bigger girls what looks good on them.

In the mega-sarcastic video, Loey hits out at people who give their unwanted opinions; by inventing her own rules for big girls to abide by when dressing for the heat.

Here's the "Fat Girl Summer Dress Code":

  • "Crop tops aren’t actually made to suit larger bodies, that’s why they don’t sell them in plus sizes"
  • "You are completely expected to spend the entire summer in full-length leggings and/or jeans."
  • "It’s still nice to wear a turtleneck and leggings — maybe another pair of leggings over the leggings too, just so you’re not showing any signs of any kind of cellulite underneath those."
  • "Being able to see your figure is unacceptable. I would just maybe wear a brown sack…wear some leggings underneath obviously."
  • "Body-con dresses are also a big no-no, and don't you dare go out in one wearing Spanx because that is false advertisement"


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Loey then goes on to talk about how all women are impacted by body-shaming.

"In this day and age dressing the way that you want when you are any size can be shamed. If you're a thin or a fit girl and you are wearing anything other the standard two leggings, turtleneck top... you're asking for creepy looks and attention," she says sarcastically.

But she finished off with a much-needed dose of sincerity and positivity: "if you are fat, wear whatever you want. If you're thin, wear whatever you want. If you are really fit and in shape, wear whatever you want. And if you're a mean, wear what you want. If you're a human who doesn't identify as anything, wear what you want."

"It's hot outside, be comfortable, be cute."

Amen, Loey. Amen.

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