Logan Paul Addresses Allegations He Faked His Colourblindness

5 September 2017, 16:59 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Logan Paul Addresses Allegations He Faked His Colo

By Liam Dryden

Almost a year after other YouTubers ripped into him for a viral video about his colourblindness, Logan Paul responds to the accusations.

After a weirdly long period of time, Logan Paul has finally opened up in response to all of the claims that he faked his colourblindness for a viral video. Logan has previously been the subject of ridicule by many fellow creators; after, in a video where he tried on colour-correcting glasses for the first time, his over-the-top reactions and a joke about his parrot Maverick led people to believe it was an act.

logan paul colourblindness

But nearly nine months later, Logan has responded.

In a new upload this week on his vlogging channel, Logan confirms that he is indeed red-green colourblind; but owns up to certain facets of the video that led people to believe he was faking.

"I am colourblind, however there were some things I did in the video that were a mistake", confesses Logan. He references a moment in the original video where he "jokes" that he believes his multi-coloured bird Maverick is yellow; a moment that many of his critics zeroed in on.

Watch the full video below.

Logan was parodied and criticised heavily by creators such as h3h3productions and iDubbbz; who also honed in on the way he "hammed up" the reaction to his vision being corrected. However, Logan owns up to this as an element of "heightening the circumstances".

"I wanted to create an amazing story; an amazing piece of content that showed what it means to be colourblind," admits Logan. "Just like any storyteller, I exaggerated my reactions."

"I did not lie. What I did do is embellish."


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