Logan Paul Just Got Arrested In Italy For The Stupidest F*cking Reason

3 October 2017, 11:06 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Logan Paul just got arrested

By Josh Lee

We all know that Logan Paul can't go anywhere without causing a commotion of some kind. So it should come at no surprise that during a recent trip to Italy the YouTuber found himself literally arrested.

Why was Logan Paul arrested?

Logan was visiting the Colosseum in Rome when he decided to get an arial shot of the historic landmark by using a camera attached a flying drone. Unfortunately for Logan, flying drones at the colosseum is pretty damn illegal. But fortunately for us, the drama was caught on camera.

Logan secretly filmed his interaction with the Italian authorities, which was then shared to a vlog (of course). “The flying of the drone in this area is illegal,” the officer says to Logan. “We must arrest you for this.”

Logan then gets his camera confiscated and is taken to a police station. He says, "I don't want any problems. I'll pay whatever you guys need. I don't want to cause problems."

Luckily for Logan, he was quickly released. And he even used the illegally-obtained footage in his vlog, because of course he did.

Check out the vlog below:

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