Logan Paul Just Proved That His YouTube Channel Is Unstoppable

13 September 2017, 11:07 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Logan Paul Just Proved That His YouTube Channel Is

By Liam Dryden

He has the shiny Play Button to prove it.

Just a few short years ago on YouTube, hitting a million subscribers was a huge deal. Then YouTube introduced the Diamond Play Button; and suddenly, 10 million was the new goal. But now, thanks in part to Logan Paul, the ultimate goal for creators isn't just hitting that milestone - it's how fast you can do it.

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Logan Paul celebrated one year of daily vlogging yesterday.

Logan has been uploading daily to his vlogging channel since September of 2016; please bear in mind, exactly one year of the twelve that YouTube has even been a thing. And in that time, Logan, his parrot Maverick, and his revolving door of friends and guest stars on the channel have accumulated 11 million subscribers; which means, at the time of hitting that 10-mil milestone, he was the fastest channel to ever accomplish it.

Logan reached 10 million subscribers in 333 days.

In his anniversary vlog, Logan received his shiny reward and a personalised letter from CEO Susan Wojcicki; and explains what it took to become the fastest growing channel in YouTube history. And of course, he also took a couple of pops at younger brother Jake, who apparently falsely claimed to have smashed his record.

Watch Logan's anniversary video below.

"This is us, this is 100% us," exclaims Logan. "I owe it all to you guys for absorbing and watching my stuff."

"The most valuable thing you can give someone in 2017 is your time."

Congrats to Logan - and we'll no doubt be seeing him get his Ruby Play Button by Christmas.

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