Logan Paul Is Missing 15% Of One Testicle And Here's Why

4 October 2017, 09:36 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:43

Logan Paul 15%

By Josh Lee


Last night, Logan Paul revealed that he is missing 15% of one testicle after an old Vine stunt went horribly wrong. If you have testicles, please brace yourself for some intense sympathy ball-ache.

Diehard fans of Logan Paul might already be familiar with this incredible tale, but after an appearance on American late night chat show "Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel," the story of Logan Paul's damaged testicles has now reached a worldwide audience.

So how did Logan Paul lose 15% of a testicle?

During the filming of a stunt Logan tried to run off a table, thinking it was the sturdy, four-legged kind. Unfortunately for the YouTuber, it was one of those pesky, one-leg-in-the-middle types. As soon as he put one foot forward the table collapsed, causing Logan to fall into the splits and land balls-first on a chair.

It was only three days later that Logan realised something was seriously wrong with his testicles. "I was with my friends back in Ohio, and I was like 'my balls hurt guys!'" Realising that one of his balls was now the size and shape of a "before ripe avocado," Logan eventually went to hospital, where he had to have 15% removed.

"You can't tell that I'm missing 15%, but it's the principle," he added.

Watch Logan's full interview with Jimmy Kimmel below:

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