WATCH: YouTubers Escorted Out Of Pub By Police After Being Trapped By Fans

27 February 2017, 11:02 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

youtubers trapped in leicester square bar

By Benedict Townsend

Londoners were left confused this weekend when a pair of online music stars whipped up so much excitement that they had to be contained inside a bar

Londoners were left baffled this past weekend, as a bar in London's Leicester Square was overrun by screaming fans. Members of the public were quick to document the confusing experience on Twitter, with the focal point being the identity of the person that had managed to whip up this much of a frenzy:


Just take a look at this crowd

At least they had a McDonald's nearby to keep them nourished in their long wait.

Loren Gray

People within the pub found themselves trapped

The bar's security decided to close the doors to try and contain the fevered crowd outside. This meant that patrons who had come to the bar for a drink suddenly found themselves trapped behind a wall of pure fandom.

People started to ask about the identity of the star

Members of the public zeroed in on the person that was causing the excitement and it turns out it was this be-quiffed young man and his friend. The question now was, who the heck were they?

So we did some sleuthing to find out

After entering the data into our patented We The Unicorns supercomputer (we looked on Twitter for a bit), we managed to determine that the ruckus was caused by British singer and online star Harvey Cantwell and fellow online star Loren Gray. The excitement around Harvey's presence got so crazy that he eventually had to be escorted out of the All Bar One by the police:

This is Harvey

A singing boi.

And this is Loren

She is a big star, as well as YouTuber.

Eventually the police got him the heck outta there

And the nation's long struggle finally came to an end.

Loren tweeted shortly after about the experience

She seems very upbeat about the experience, despite things getting a little out of hand.