You Need 20,000 Followers To Selfie In Front Of This Mural

26 June 2018, 14:47 | Updated: 26 June 2018, 14:56

This mural is for Twitter famous folk only
This mural is for Twitter famous folk only. Picture: Justin Caffier

By Josh Lee

Truly, we are in the darkest timeline.

A mural with some oddly specific entry requirements has sprung up in Los Angeles.

The "City of Angels" mural, which features a pink heart on a blue background with wings, sprung up in the American city this week. But unlike most public art, if you want a picture with this painting you have to be Twitter-famous.

Just how famous do you have to be? Well, if you have a verified check then any follower count will do, but for mere mortals, you'll need a whopping 20,000 Twitter followers to be allowed past the security guard. That's right, there's a security guard.

Vice journalist and famous Twitter person Justin Caffier stumbled upon the mural yesterday and shared photos showing a security guard, as well as what the mural looks like from the inside.

Naturally, the internet is pressed about it

What is this mural all about?

While some initially thought the mural was just another way for social influencers to rub their e-fame in the face of us plebs, it turns out that the Mural is actually a clever marketing tip for an upcoming project called "Like And Subscribe." The Twitter account associated with the project tweeted that they were "disappointed" that some verified influencers were upset at the mural.

"There is no reason to be mad! We created it specifically for you," they said.

It's unknown what "Like and Subscribe" is, but it appears we'll be able to find out on July 9th