Louis Cole Is On A Mission To Save The Planet

2 March 2016, 11:02 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is definitive proof that Louis Cole is a gift to Earth.

Over the past month, YouTubers have been highly engaged with charity work and non-profit organisations. PewDiePie raised a crazy $153k in donations for Charity: Water and as we speak John Green is in Jordan communicating the Syrian refugee crisis via vlog form. And now Louis Cole is taking his influence one step further by starting a project to hear every single idea we may have when it comes to fixing up Planet Earth... and then making them come true.

Louis Cole and Dave Erasmus have spent the last 10-15 years travelling the world together trying to figure out what makes it tick and figuring out how they be of more use to the countries and people they encounter. Whilst their travelling has opened their eyes to problems that need fixing, they "personally don't have any big ideas to change the world", but they have noticed that "plenty of people around the world with incredible ideas that don't have access" need a way to get their voice heard. This is where the Solvey Project comes in.

Starting on the 1st of April, Louis and Dave will be travelling East around the world in 30 days conducting a "global talent search for compassionate problem solvers" - and it could be you! The Solvey Tour will be coming to a diverse collection of cities ranging from Legos in Nigeria, New Delhi in India all the way to Reykjavik in Iceland to host exciting day events where musicians, artists and most importantly people with ideas to change the world can meet, collaborate and work together.

On the 28th of April, once the tour is over, Solvey will officially launch it's application process for people to submit their life changing ideas. Applications can come from anybody regardless of country, gender, race or age - it's literally open to every single person on the face of the Earth. If you have a creative and innovative way to save the planet, then tell Louis Cole. One of the most exciting announcements however is that the Solvey Project is backed by a large pot of money, so when you submit your ideas you can estimate how much money you will need to kickstart your it.

Louis Cole dates

Louis and Dave are hoping for over 1,000 applicants from over 100 countries, with ideas that consider technology, the improvement of lives in the long-term, bringing together different cultures but ultimately a fresh and creative look on how to fix the planet. Louis' advice? "Look around your local area. What problems do you see and how can you imagine in your wildest dreams how they can be solved?" That's what they're looking for.

If you want anymore information, you can find Louis and Dave on their respected social media platforms, or you can email Solvey directly at hello@solvey.com.