Louise Pentland Announces She's Pregnant With Her Second Child

15 June 2017, 09:44 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

louise pentland pregnant

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Congratulations to Louise and Liam!

Louise Pentland is pregnant with her second child. In probably The Happiest Video On The Internet, Louise reveals that she is expecting a baby with partner Liam and the pair couldn't be more thrilled. Louise opens the video by explaining how her novel, Wilde Like Me, has been her 'baby' for the last few months but now she had another baby coming... And then goes on to show a very cute scan picture.

Looking a little nervous but incredibly excited in the video, Louise told fans she's around 11 to 12 weeks pregnant but doesn't have an exact due date yet as she's been given several - although anyone able to work simple maths will note that the baby will be born late December/early January. Exciting!

Louise Pentland

Referencing how daughter Darcy reacted, Louise said: "When I told [Darcy] she thought about it and she said, 'even if it's a boy, I won't put him in the bin' which I thought was very gracious". Be still our beating hearts! Any long time fans of Louise will know that Darcy has always been known as Baby Glitter, but now that Darcy is going to be a big sister, she may have to share the title.

Louise Pentland

In a blog post accompanying the video, Louise Pentland opened up about her pregnancy with Darcy, the end of her marriage to Darcy's father and finding new love with boyfriend Liam.

In an emotional post, Louise wrote:

"Seven years ago this Summer, in 2010, I found out I was pregnant with Darcy. She was a planned baby with my then-Husband and after a good pregnancy but traumatic delivery, in April 2011 my beautiful little girl was born. With the memories of a difficult birth and the breakdown of my marriage looming, I vowed not to have any more children. I was pretty set in that. 

Over the years lots changed. Business boomed, Darcy bloomed and I learnt how to run my life as a single Mum. I thought about having more children and thought it would be nice but didn't think I'd meet the right man or be in the right frame of mind to start a new chapter of life. Until Liam. 
Liam walked into my life last Summer, quite unexpectedly. For the first time in my single life, I wasn't excessively looking or dating with any intent. I'd decided I'd be alone forever but just enjoy drinks with hot men here and there and flirt mercilessly, haha. 
Turns out, Liam flipped that idea on his head and over the year, we've found we fit perfectly and have built a wonderful life together. My deep down hope was to find a man who would love me and accept and respect Darcy. What I've found in Liam is so, so, so much more. Hurrah for love and for good men! From the off we talked about having a baby at some point in our future and had planned to start seriously thinking about it this Summer. At the end of April though, after feeling completely exhausted on a photoshoot and suddenly realising the dates (honestly it was like in a film where suddenly it hits you), I took a test and hey presto, that Summer baby was already cooking! An early blessing!
We. Are. Thrilled."

Louise Pentland
We're sending a huge congratulations to Louise and Liam and we couldn't be happier for them. If you're looking forward to lots of baby content on Louise Pentland's channel then don't worry, Louise already has plenty of footage. She filmed herself attending a scan with best friend Zoe and also has footage of her telling friends and family she's pregnant. Louise also  promises plenty of hauls and a gender reveal.  No doubt, this is going to be a very exciting journey for Louise and her viewers and we can't wait to keep you updated!

Click play on the video below to watch Louise's big reveal!