WATCH: Lucy Moon Solves The "YouTubers' Channels Are Dying" Myth

8 September 2016, 17:06 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:44

lucy moon

By Liam Dryden

Vlogger and YouTube NextUp graduate Lucy Moon responds to the panic over "dying channels" - and has some great advice about doing what you love.

As the wave of existential crises happening amongst the YouTube community continue, we're beginning to see more and more creators open up about their fears that their and everyone else's channels are "dying". Recently, comedian Mike Falzone responded with a counter-point that happiness shouldn't be defined by view counts. And most recently, vlogger Lucy Moon has weighed into the discussion, following her experience as a recent graduate of YouTube's "NextUp" scheme.

"One day I'd love to make YouTube a part of my job, and it kind of already is," explains Lucy. "However, I don't want to be solely dependant on that, because as I'm seeing with other channels, it's so volatile."

Lucy reveals that during the NextUp course, they worked on a "formula" to growing a successful channel. A lot of the world's most popular creators will recognise a lot of the steps - regular schedule, jumping on current trends, pushing people to subscribe - but Lucy revealed that she found the formula "really scary".

"I'm never going to follow my channel by a formula," admits Lucy. "You're going to get whatever videos I want to make, when I want to make them".

A few more tidbits from her NextUp experience included referring to YouTube's view and subscriber stats as "vanity metrics"; as well as YouTube's experts apparently setting viral master Casey Neistat as the standard for aspiring YouTubers to reach - even though he doesn't follow their formula at all.

Lucy's final bit of advice is about consistency - but not in the way of regular upload schedules, so much as attaining the same standard in everything you make.

"Make stuff, make what you love, and make it the best it can be."

For more advice and some recommendations from Lucy, check out her video above.