Luke Cutforth Talks About The Moment His Bank Account Was Hacked

13 August 2016, 09:24 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

He had Ł7,000 stolen!

On a Summer In The City panel this weekend with Dodie Clark and Alexa Losey, Luke Cutforth shared a scary story with fans in the audience about his recent horror hacking incident when Ł7,000 was stolen from his bank account. The story came up after Luke and the YouTubers present were asked if the “fun looking job” of YouTube was affecting the way they made a professional living and whether money was a big deal.

After Alexa discussed how brands never see the “true value” of YouTubers and the fact she personally has a team of people employed to help her make videos that she needs to pay, people in the audience heard about how most commercial companies perceive YouTubers as “young kids who can just throw up a tweet”. To back up this point, Luke opened up about how his bank account and other outlets were hacked within the last week and when it came to recovering his stolen property, he was mocked and questioned for defining himself as a YouTuber.


When “traditional” celebrities deal with threats to their livelihood or personal accounts, most companies will have a procedure in place to help them. However, when Luke called up his building society to report that his savings account had had Ł7,000 stolen from it, he had to give his employment as a “YouTuber” and was therefore not considered “valuable” enough to access this contingency plan.

Throughout the panel, none of the YouTubers present believed that they were mainstream or “popular” celebrities, however there was the general conscious that because their lives were so public and targetable, that perhaps it was a more “dangerous” role to have - thus it required the same security procedures as a traditional celebrity.

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