3 Weird Marina Joyce Rumours That Were Just Destroyed By Luke Cutforth

28 July 2016, 14:04 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Armed with background knowledge, experience and a phone call with Marina herself, Lukeisnotsexy puts to bed all the dangerous conspiracies surrounding Marina Joyce.

We've been hard at work debunking some of the rumours surrounding the curious case of Marina Joyce, but sometimes it takes someone with a bit more experience to finally put the hype to bed. Thankfully, Luke Cutforth has taken the time to record a video and drop some truth bombs on all the crazy conspiracies, most of which suggest the troubled beauty blogger needs help in the form of a hashtag.

"I'm doing my best to provide one source of information that has a few answers to a few questions people might have," admits Luke. "And also to respect the privacy of Marina and her family".

Annoyed by the scaremongering and hype that many people online have jumped onto - especially for their own benefit - Luke's ad-free video set to dispel a lot of the myths that have surrounded the erratic behaviour of 19 year-old Marina, both in recent videos and across social media. A few things we learned from Luke include the following:

1. Marina Joyce has not been kidnapped.

Not by a stranger in a ski mask, a mystery boyfriend, or terrorist cell ISIS; Marina is still at home, safe and seemingly free to move around as she wishes. Not only does Luke reference the visit from local police, and prove that the questionable rifle in the background of her videos has been there for years; but he also checks in with his friend Eloise who recently met Marina in London. And if that's not good enough for anyone, he FaceTimes Marina herself during the video to check in on her - something a kidnapping victim would definitely not be able to do.

luke cutforth marina joyce


2. Bruises don't automatically mean abuse.

The mysterious bruises seen on Marina's arms and legs in her recent videos are the clearest evidence to support allegations of bigger issues going on behind the scenes, and so far the speculation surrounding these has been incredibly high. But while there is still no clear story surrounding this at all, Luke impartially tries to quell concerns by reminding everyone of all the other things that could cause the bruises. Self-harm, restraint from a parent during a mental episode or knocks from a party are just a few of the alternative possible causes; and while there is no substantial evidence to support an abusive household, Luke reminds us that it is key in the case of any other cause to allow Marina to heal and share the truth at her own discretion. Which leads to...

3. Marina's issues are not our business to fix.

Taking into consideration there's no imminent terrorist threat or public danger surrounding Marina, the likelihood that she is dealing with some personal issues (drugs, mental illness or otherwise) means that the hype surrounding it is unnecessary at best, and very dangerous for her at worst. Luke makes a point of highlighting the people who asked him for every detail of Marina's situation, to which her reminds his audience that knowledge of a creator's personal life is not an entitlement.

"You don't instantly deserve to know every single tiny intricate detail of a person's life," he warns. "Especially if they are in a vulnerable situation."


Following the tension of yesterday, Marina has since given interviews with 'The Sun', Philip DeFranco and several other outlets, while her mother has also spoken out about the scrutiny of her and her daughter's personal lives.