YouTube Got 17 Creators Together For A Mind-Bending 360ş Photo Shoot

23 November 2016, 12:13 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

The #MadeForYou campaign takes its impressive and diverse lineup of YouTubers to the National Portrait Gallery for the coolest shoot we've ever seen.

We've covered our fair share of awesome YouTuber photoshoots in our time; but this one from the #MadeForYou campaign might have just topped them all. Not only did they manage to get 17 of the UK's biggest creators and rising stars into one room; but that room was a very prestigious part of London's National Portrait Gallery. And even better than that - they gathered round for a mind-blowing 360ş group shot, which will live forever on Google Maps.

Check it out below.

A huge host of our faves, including Marcus Butler, Scola Dondo, Louise Pentland and Suli Breaks all gathered to be shot by Jim Fiscus; who is famous for his work in digital photography, and campaigns such as this one.

madeforyou emma blackery

“Being involved in this project has been an exciting opportunity to explore this type of technology," admits Fiscus in a press statement. "The stars of today are more unique and culturally diverse than ever and YouTube’s #MadeForYou campaign certainly celebrates this”

“There seemed nowhere more fitting for this to take place than at the National Portrait Gallery as today’s new wave of celebrities meet against the backdrop of some of the most famous faces in British culture.”

madeforyou tomska patricia bright

And this second part is the most important thing to note. Because our favourite creators aren't standing amongst any old portraits; these are paintings of some of the greatest British artists of the cultural movement known as the Enlightenment.

And as YouTube shifts ever further into the mainstream, and these creators represent the platform on posters and buses across the country, it's hard to argue that they're leading a cultural shift of their own.

Watch the #MadeForYou campaign video below.