Markiplier Met His Biggest Fan Thanks To Make-A-Wish, And His Message Is Perfect

31 January 2017, 10:54 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is so moving.

Back in October 2016, Markiplier was crowned the Make A Wish Celebrity of the Year - and for a damn good reason. Not only had he raised over $1.1 million for charitable causes, but he had completed an amazing 13 wishes for children across the country who simply wanted to meet him. Now Mark has just completed lucky wish number 14, but this time they had a message to send back to Markiplier's YouTube fans.

Earlier this month, Mark and Tyler travelled to Denver to meet Axel, a little boy desperate to hang out with the YouTube gaming God. Once the boys all got together, it sounds like they had a freaking amazing time: "There was food, video games and we just spent all day pretty much just playing Rocket League and Skylanders". Also, Mark had his "butt kicked".

However, Mark didn't anticipate Axel wanting to send an emotional message to all his viewers at home. But thanks to Make A Wish, it happened:

Here's Axel's message, so it can forever be written down and respected for the rest of time:

“Thanks for always supporting Markiplier ‘cause I can’t subscribe to him since I don’t have my own YouTube/Google account. But if I did, I would. I would comment on every single one of his videos and subscribe and like all his videos. So thank you so much for helping Mark even though I can’t.”

Throughout Axel's emotional and honest message, Mark looks to be on the verge on tears before finally thanking him for his "really sweet" thoughts. The video then ends on Mark reflecting on the time he spent with Axel, and how it opened his eyes to a new "perspective" in which "avid fans... weren't able to support what I do". He goes on to thank each and every one of his subscribers for helping him "visit people for their wishes" and "being there for [him]".

We want to send a huge amount of love to Axel and Markiplier for their inspiring message - never stop highlighting the importance of community support and love!

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