Malfie Went On Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway And Stole Our Hearts

22 February 2016, 10:34 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

alfie deyes saturday night takeaway

By Charleyy Hodson

Saturday night TV will never be the same again after #spotmalfie.

YouTubers may be getting their own TV show every single day of the week, but how many of them can say they've ever dressed up as a Pacman ghost on national television? If you asked this question last week you'd be laughed off the face of the Earth, but with Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway hitting TV's over the weekend, we can now say that we know of TWO YouTubers who've done it - Alfie and Marcus.

The cheekiest chappies on YouTube met the cheekiest chappies in television history over the weekend with Malfie sending the Twittersphere into mayhem with a little game of #spotmalfie. Whilst we knew Alfie and Marcus weren't there to do any hosting, the idea of spotting them throughout the whole show was too much to handle and for a brief moment in time #spotmalfie actually trended on Twitter to millions of people. If you missed the show, Alfie (obviously!) vlogged all the behind the scenes action for you to catch up on.

As well as learning that Malfie shares a serious love for cottage cheese, it was incredible to not only seen a massive television production from behind the scenes but to see it with two of our favourite YouTubers was unbeatable. From hidden sets, green rooms and dress rehearsals, we get to see Malfie run around like giddy children on Saturday Night Takeaway whilst sharing the building with some seriously A List celebrities. So what were Malfie actually doing there?!

Over the course of the night, we saw Alfie and Marcus pop up a grand total of four times in more and more ridiculous situations. For those lucky people playing #spotmalfie on Twitter, you were able to get follows from the duo themselves, but for everyone else it was time to have our eyes glued to the screen and wait in excitement for a single glimpse of our YouTube faves. For those people who want a walkthrough of the game, we have all the highlights here for you.


First #spotmalfie: We were totally caught off guard for this first round of #spotmalfie. The two appeared right behind the VIP guests of the night and handed out two passes to the all-expenses-paid-for cruise that the show will be airing from right at the end of the series. You can see them pop up the wall and hand over the tickets in the Twitter video below.


Second #spotmalfie: The next appearance, and 100% the best cameo of the entire night, was when we got to see Malfie running around a life-sized Pacman maze dressed up as literal Pacmen. In Alfie's vlog he says he won the game, but tbh we can't get over how happy and giggly they look as they bounce around the maze. Please Internet, never let this footage die.


Third #spotmalfie: We nearly missed this cameo as there was just so much going on! The Vamps had arrived on the Saturday Night Takeaway set to begin their gig when all of a sudden millions of people climbed out of their taxi as well - including Malfie. But before they moved on, they HAD to stop and have a little selfie with Ant and Dec. Wouldn't we all?


Fourth #spotmalfie: And the last, but certainly one of the best, cameos happened right at the end of the show (show). After climbing out a taxi and following The Vamps onto the stage during their performance, you can just about see flashes of Malfie standing at the back of the stage vlogging and being the adorable, awkward, cinnamon rolls we know and love them for. If you head over to Twitter and search for '#spotmalfie', you'll find hundreds of pictures of people spotting the pair and circling their location if you need extra help.


And that was it! Hopefully Ant and Dec will feature more YouTube eye candy in other episodes as we had so much fun tweeting along with everybody on Saturday night. If you want to see what else we're getting up to and join in the conversation, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.