Whoops, Turns Out Marcus Butler Was Involved In Fyre Festival

2 May 2017, 10:01 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

In hilarious news, it turns out Marcus Butler got himself mixed up Fyre Festival, the VIP train-wreck music festival that the internet loves to hate

Fyre Festival, the ultra-exclusive, ultra-expensive train-wreck and car crash of a disaster that brought social media such glee this past month, had all kinds of celebrity backers. This dumpster fyre of an event got basically everything wrong, but the one thing it sort of got right was its social media promotion.

Yes, although they didn't actually sort out any accommodation or, you know, food, they put the work into making sure that news of the event spread across the internet like wildfyre. This of course hilariously backfyred on them when it meant that their colossal failures were laid bare for all the world to see, but their heart was in the right (and by 'right', we mean, 'financially prudent') place.

Fyre Festival

The shining constellation of stars employed by Ja Rule's modern adaptation of 'Lord Of The Flies' included superstar models like Emily Ratajkowski  and Bella Hadid, as well as a selection of other 'influencers' - which is media lingo for 'person who appears to do nothing at all, yet is rich and famous.' Yet, buried within this human pyramid of pure celebrity that the festival had lovingly dubbed 'Fyre Starters' (yes, really), there sat a certain familiar face. Take a look at this slide that was created by the organisers to show to advertisers:

Marcus Butler in Fyre Festival slide

Well look who it is...

Yes, your peepers do not deceive you; that's ol' Marky Butt Butt himself, slap bang in the middle of a bunch of international supermodels (nicely done U LAD). This group of pictures represents a group of 'influencers' who posted an orange square to their Instagram back in December, which was meant to tease the festival or something... who knows who cares. We invested hours into research to discover that Marcus appears to have never posted the square or (more likely) did a cheeky post-then-delete.

marcus butler Fyre Festival

Does any of this Fyre Festival stuff even matter?

Absolutely not. Is it funny to laugh at Fyre Festival? Yes it is.

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