Marcus Butler's Podcast Is #1 On iTunes, And There's No Episodes Yet

16 November 2016, 14:42 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:38

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Have you subscribed yet?!

YouTuber podcasts are pretty much the only reason to commute anymore. If you haven't got Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley or Shane Dawson in your ears then honestly you're wasting your time - but worry no more if you needed some more in your life! Announced a few days ago, Marcus Butler is releasing his very own podcast, and even though no episodes have been uploaded so far, it's already at the top of the iTunes charts!

Marcus shared the amazing news on Twitter and Snapchat - "Lower Your Expectations" is the number one podcast in the UK, Germany, Finland and Malta! It's also the second most popular podcast in Ireland and is climbing the charts at Australia. We're unsure when the first episode is going to go live, but with fans already tripping over themselves to listen in you can just tell it's going to be HUGE.

If you've not subscribed to what looks to be the most hotly anticipated podcast in the freaking world, then here's the official iTunes bio for you:

“Lower Your Expectations is both the title and the small print for this new series from Marcus Butler and Matt Viney. Marcus has two YouTube channels with a combined following of over 6 million. And Matt is that anonymous guy you occasionally see lurking in the background. Through their directionless chitchat (mostly the embarrassing moments they wish they could forget), Lower Your Expectations goes behind the curtain of their daily lives, revealing what it’s like to be a YouTube personality… and what it’s like to work for one. Lower Your Expectations, literally. It’ll make it way more enjoyable, promise!”

Let us know in the comments below if you have subscribed already and what you'd like to hear from Marcus and Matt. Also, good luck iTunes... with personalities such as Marcus coming to your speakers you're about to get a rush of #TeamInternet fans crashing your servers!