Is Marcus Butler About To Become The Next Simon Cowell?!

27 June 2016, 15:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Lea Rice

Here's what you need to know about his brand new project.

Marcus Butler has long been known for his great taste in music (and making a few brilliant music vids along the way). His monthly 'You Have To Listen To This' music round-ups on his second channel, More Marcus, left us in no doubt that that he knows a good tune when he hears one. But who knew he'd spent the last three years working away on a music management company?!

The idea of the company - Stripped Bear Entertainment - is to find emerging young music artists and help them break into the industry using social media. He's founded the company with his Gleam manager, Dom Smales. They've even nabbed themselves a Music Manager from Rocket Music - famous for managing globally acclaimed artists like Elton John.

In the three years it's taken Marcus and Dom to set up the company, they have signed only two musicians - a reflection of how particular and focused Stripped Bear plans to be with the talent they sign up. The artists in question are top secret for now. Whoever they are, they are promised a whole new process in terms of career management, which is how Stripped Bear aims to set itself apart from the traditional music industry.

At Stripped Bear, the talent will come first, and the deals will not feel suffocating to their artists.

Wondering who you need to be besties with to get noticed by Stripped Bear? Turns out, no one. Dom says that the company genuinely "want to find people at the ground floor of their careers — we’re looking for grassroots talent".

Looks like YouTube musicians of the future are going to need more than that dodgy rendition of "This Ain't A Scene" under their belt, then!