Marina Joyce’s Mum Just Had A Lot To Say About Her Daughter

28 July 2016, 13:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We're more confused than ever, tbh.

Marina Joyce's mum has spoken out about the overnight fame her daughter has received. If you're not caught up on the huge Marina Joyce drama that took over the Internet yesterday, then let us fill you in. Marina Joyce is a teenage vlogger from England who, until now, was pretty much unknown.

However, when #SaveMarinaJoyce trended on Twitter, she became a global sensation thanks to literally thousands of conspiracy theories regarding her strange behaviour in a video called "Date Outfit Ideas".

One of the many, many, many theories surrounding Joyce was that her mother was highly abusive and held her daughter captive.

Thanks to the now infamous "Date Outfit Ideas" ideas, Marina Joyce's mother has been accused of everything from physically beating her child to mentally abusing her. In the video, Marina seemingly acts in a manic way and showcases a series of bruises on her arms and legs. The #SaveMarinaJoyce hashtag was mainly spurred on by an apparent whisper during the aforementioned video where she says "save me".

Since we updated you yesterday with official police confirmation that she's safe and well, things have taken a series of weird turns. Whilst many still don't believe she's fine and have refused to calm down on the conspiracy theories, friends and family of Marina Joyce are being seriously affected by accusations thrown at them. One of these people is Marina Joyce's mum.

Marina Joyce Mum

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Sun, Marina Joyce's mum Cheryl said: "Everyone is fine. We don't understand what has happened. Everyone is coming up with strange conspiracy theories about ISIS and being kidnapped. It's gone over the top. It's not a publicity stunt. And she is not being held by ISIS."

Speaking of when Enfield Police turned up at the home she shares with Marina, Cheryl said: "I got woken up at 3am with police shining a light into the house. No one should have called the police."

Further to the interview with The Sun, Marina Joyce's mum appeared in a YouNow stream in the evening of Wednesday 27th July; Marina's second live stream of the day. In the YouNow, the pair reassured viewers Marina was fine and that it was in fact Marina's mother who could be heard in the background of the videos.

What do you make of Marina Joyce's mum's comments? Let us know.