Marina Joyce: Here's Why YouTubers Aren't Involved In The "Conspiracy"

27 July 2016, 15:01 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Because the Internet has seemingly gone crazy.

Marina Joyce, the 19 year old YouTuber who is currently taking social media by storm thanks to an apparent cry for help in a video, seems to have little idea of the impact she's caused online. Since uploading a video titled "Date Outfit Ideas", people have speculated whether Marina did in fact whisper "help me" in her video and whether the bruises on her arms and legs could possibly be rope marks from being tied up.

Speculation spread further when Marina Joyce attempted to arrange a 6:30am meet-up in Bethnal Green, London, for Wednesday 3rd August. Rumours even claimed this was a ploy by ISIS to get a large amount people to a central location before carrying out an attack.

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However, all of this has been officially put to bed after Enfield Police confirmed her safety and Marina Joyce herself tweeted and did a YouNow live stream reassuring people she was fine.

However, in the past 24 hours or so, fellow YouTubers have been inundated with Tweets claiming they know more than meets the eye and they're not revealing the full story when it comes to Marina. Friends of the Marina Joyce, including Raphael Gomes, have seen everyone from journalists to fans of Marina questioning their relationship with the star despite protesting they know she's safe and well and have no further information.

Indeed, Raphael Gomes has shockingly had his phone number leaked and people bombarding him with calls wanting to know more about Marina and his friendship with her.

This later caused Raphael to make a video titled "Dear Marina Joyce" where he felt he had to address his recent collaborations and conversations with her- something we'd all agree he should never have had to do.

Nobody should be harassed or be forced into talking about personal matters if they don't want to.

On a similar note, Emma Blackery was bombarded with tweets on social media after she claimed a friend had spoken to Marina and she was OK.

Emma is friends with a close friend of Marina's but this wasn't enough to stop people from claiming Emma knew more or that they didn't believe what Marina was saying; others were demanding proof of the phone call.


There's no reason why any YouTuber would be involved in any sort of secrecy regarding Marina Joyce.

In times of panic- which seems to be what the entire Marina Joyce drama has been centred on- we need to stop and consider the rational aspects of the story (such as the police confirming she's OK) and try and resist believing any sort of conspiracy theories. Sadly, for some of our favourite YouTubers, they've been driven offline today thanks to the abuse and negative tweets they've faced just for trying to calm the situation and add clarity.

It's important to not get wrapped up in misinformation and facts, and to stay clear from myths.