Markiplier Just Went On A Date With Nearly 4 MILLION Fans

16 February 2017, 14:36 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

How do you do?!

Just in case you were whisked off on your own Valentine's Day adventure, you may have missed out on Markiplier and the dinner date he had lined up for you over on his channel. Markiplier set up an adventure style game video and let's just say the outcomes were pretty hilarious. Luckily for you, if you missed the whole thing then it's still up on his channel for you to play along with.

Here's what we got up to...

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style of video kickstarts with you meeting Mark in a fancy restaurant. As you chat, all four courses of your dinner fly past your faces without so much as a nibble to see if it's any good... but then trouble kicks off. Markiplier apologises to you profusely as he's forgotten his wallet and asks if you can pay, and it's here that your adventure begins.

By clicking on the "PAY" or "DON'T PAY" annotations on the video, you can decide how you want your date with Mark to go, and we chose the slightly more rebellious option.

Within no time, we were thrown into the back of a truck by the chef, trying to smack him around the head with a lead pipe and eventually being abducted by aliens in what must be the craziest date we've ever had in our lives. But don't worry, we've not spoiled the ending for you because there are 10 possible endings for your date - and maybe you'll have better luck with Mr Markiplier than we did!

The video series has gone down as a huge success with Mark's fans, and he even went to Twitter to thank them for all their support: "Thank you all so much for the amazing response to the video! It's so heartwarming to see people loving it so intensely! This is the kind of content I want to do more of as a YouTuber. Not necessarily choose-your-own-adventure but big, fun, creative projects!".

And, having been on nearly 4 million dates in just two days, it looks like Mark is ready to "unwind and spend some quality time with Amy" - thanks for spreading the love this year Mark! I think we all needed it.


If you haven't already, go and start your own date with Markiplier right now and let us know in the comments below what kinda hijinks you kids got up to!