Markiplier Was Hacked Last Night - What, How And Why?!

13 January 2016, 11:20 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:33

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This is serious news for the high profile gamer.

Whilst the Internet is a shining beacon of love and creativity for the majority of it's users, there still seems to be a select number of individuals that choose to use their knowledge and power for harm. Unfortunately, the most recent of these hack-attacks happened to everyone's favourite YouTube gamer, Markiplier.



On the evening of January 12th 2016, a strange video appeared in the Subs box of every person subscribed to Mark's YouTube channel. The video, entitled 'Hacked By OurMine Team', has since been removed from the channel, but has been re-uploaded and discussed in great length far and wide. You can see one of the copies below.

The video, only 3:18 in length, is just a single image with a song playing in the background. But it's existence means far more. It was uploaded by the hacker group 'OurMine Team' after they had successfully broken into Markiplier's account.



The group, who seem to be doing this for no discernible reason other than to prove 'security flaws in YouTube', took to Twitter to announce their victory to the world.

One very important question was at the forefront of every Markiplier's fans mind - Why the hell did they do this to someone like Markiplier? Again, OurMine has a terrible answer to this.

How could he get the channel back? Apparently all OurMine wanted was his attention and conversation...

As for the 'how' OurMine did this, we cannot begin to speculate the process they underwent to get through Mark's security details. But this matter is now minor in comparison to what will happen in the next few days following its occurrence.



The group has also been going around hacking other YouTube channels, Skype accounts, Minecraft accounts and even PSN/Twitter accounts, including another gaming YouTuber, Yamimash.

However, whilst it appears to be under control now, there have been two very strong issues following the disturbance on Mark's channel.

  • Mark still hasn't addressed the hack. Whether he is aware of the security issue or if he is deciding to ignore the threat, we do not know. However we feel that a lot of Markiplier's audience would be put to ease with just a simple update on how things are being handled on his side of the action.
  • VERY sensitive information regarding Markiplier's channel, including viewing figures and monthly earnings, have been posted online. We will not be posting this information here as we feel this would be against Mark's will and we do not want to spread the damage any further than it has. However this could have huge effects on Mark's image as a regular 'Average Joe' both through the eyes of his audience and the mainstream media.

We'll end this piece by sending our thoughts to Mark, and we hope that everything comes back under control in the near future. Below are some tweets from the community regarding the hack, mainly featuring everyones frustration that it happened to such a charitable and lovable YouTuber.

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