32 YouTubers Just Played Warcraft IRL And It's HILARIOUS

3 June 2016, 11:17 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

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By Charleyy Hodson

Which side are you rooting for, Horde or Alliance?!

Just in time for the upcoming release of this year's most anticipated video game movie, the folks over at Legendary signed up 32 YouTubers and gamers to take part in a real life game of Capture The Flag to promote Warcraft. The film, which is set to be released in the USA on June 10th (it's already out in the UK), sees the rich world behind the immensely popular video game World of Warcraft come to life... but can these 32 YouTubers handle the fight?

In a huge arena designed by Portal A and Two Bit Circus, the group were split into two factions associated with the Warcraft franchise; Alliance and Horde. Leading the Horde (red team) into battle was iHasCupquake whilst on the other side was Markiplier leading the Alliance (blue team). The aim of the game is to capture the enemy teams flag and return it back to their own base whilst avoiding the dozens of paint bombs being thrown at you from all angles. The resulting video is HILARIOUS and a must-watch for Warcraft and YouTube fans alike. Let's find out who wins!

The teams were composed of the following social media stars, IRL Warcraft players and members of game's development team.

  • ALLIANCE: Markiplier, Phil DeFranco, BajheeraWow, 4Ever Kelz, CaptainSparklez, OMGitsFireFoxx, Versatilenstyle, Dan Casey, Daniel Fernandez, Jay Mendoza, Rocca Botte, Derrick Acosta, Shawn Hatfield, WarcraftJen, Rachel Quirco, JoblessGarrett
  • HORDE: iHasCupquake, Red15, Jimmy Wong, ChilledChaos, Anna Prosser, Clinton Jones, Adam Kovic, Matt Peake, Lawrence Sonntag, MatPat, Stephanie Patrick, Maude Garrett, David Odom, Brian Fisher, Michael Davis, Michael Schroeder

In a press release about the #WarcraftIRL event and the upcoming movie, professional World of Warcraft player Bahjeera had this to say; "Competing in a real life Warcraft Capture the Flag event is a definite dream come true. Playing the Warcraft game actually led me to my current job and my dream girl so it’s been a life changing game for me and I’m incredibly excited for the world to experience the Warcraft movie and get a little taste of what the game has meant to me”. Did your favourite team win? Let us know in the comments below who YOU thought deserved to take home the trophy.

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