Matthew Espinosa Used The N-Word On Snapchat... And It Hasn't Gone Well

5 August 2016, 09:49 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:36

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Thankfully, Matthew has at least deleted his Snap.

Vine star Matthew Espinosa got himself into a lot of heat over the past 24 hours after he uploaded what he felt to be a rather casual Snapchat photo to his millions of young fans. The offending Snap in question involves Matthew not only pointing a gun at an elderly man at a piano, but also using a caption that seems to proudly use the N-word as a derogatory term. The fallout from this Snapchat was inevitable.

Things went downhill pretty quickly for Espinosa when the trend #MatthewExposedParty started gaining traction on Twitter following his update. Most of his young fans and fellow Internet users were shocked at his flippant use of racial slurs and lashed out by saying that "another racist, homophobic, Magcon flop" was "getting exposed" and that this was a sign of "his career ending".


Matthew then decided to publicly post an apology to his Twitter audience of over 3.8 million fans; but they were unsure about its sincerity. Instead of apologising for his mistake and acknowledging that he had now deleted the Snap, he simply stated that "I can't trust my friends with my phone I'm mad pissed", insinuating that he was never to blame all along.

After Matthew tried to clear the air by passing the blame onto his friends, some fans decided that their idol was in the clear and began tweeting feverishly using the new hashtag #EspinosasForLife. This led Matthew to retweet and follow a huge amount of supportive people trying to demonstrate love to their favourite Vine star, perpetuating the Twitter fandom war even further. To be honest, we're still not sure if there's a winner, but at least the offensive Snap has been taken down.

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