RIP: McDonald's Attempt At Their Own YouTube Channel Has Been Shut Down

14 October 2016, 10:27 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:21

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Channel Us, an effort by McDonald's to tap into the YouTube audience, has been scrapped after "lack of interest". Will big brands ever get it right?

If you didn't know that McDonald's had their own YouTube channel featuring Oli White, we don't blame you; "Channel Us" hasn't had a huge amount of success following its launch a year ago. So much so that, sadly, the company is pulling the plug.

channel us mcdonalds oli white

Fronted in part by popular UK creators such as Oli, Hazel Hayes and Gabriella Lindley, Channel Us was an effort by the fast food giant to tap into the "youth"; with a series of videos that highlighted young people with ambitions and skills. But after releasing nine videos throughout 2016, almost none of which surpassed 1,000 views, McDonald's have officially called it quits.

"We have learnt that content is really difficult and content with purpose is really important," admits spokesperson Ben Fox to The Drum this week. "It’s an inherent challenge in terms of making content that people want to see but also says something about you as a brand."

Any YouTuber could have told you that, Ben.

Only a few major brands have had a lot of success with YouTube - Red Bull frequently have viral successes and Pepsi Max have over 120,000 subscribers. And with YouTube acquiring marketing platform FameBit this week, the relationship between brands and YouTube might be set to change all over again...