Gaming YouTuber McSkillet Has Reportedly Died In A Car Crash

24 August 2018, 17:20

McSkillet McLaren
Picture: McSkillet YouTube Channel

By Woodrow Whyte

While news of a crash in San Diego has been confirmed, it is still not clear if McSkillet was involved.

Reports are emerging that popular gaming YouTuber McSkillet has died in a high speed car crash.

While news of a crash in the San Diego have been confirmed, it is still not clear if McSkillet was involved, however, Twitter users claiming to be friends with McSkillet have been tweeting about his death.

According to a local news website, a crash happened on Thursday evening (Aug 23) in San Diego during the rush hour commute. According to eye witnesses, a McLaren drove the wrong way down a highway at 100 mph and then struck another vehicle head-on that caused a fiery crash that killed three people.

Quoting the California Highway Patrol, they reported: "[A] man was driving southbound on the northbound I-805 HOV lane in excess of 100 mph when he crashed around 4:30 p.m., causing the fiery pileup...The McLaren crashed head-on into an SUV, which was driving at highway speeds, killing the sports car driver along with the driver and passenger of the SUV. Eight more people injured in the crash that happened near the Governor Drive exit, according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department."

As Dexerto reports, McSkillet made a video last year showing off his new black McLaren. The majority of his videos focused on CS:Go skins but he stopped making videos in March 2018. He was later trade banned by Valve, who make CS:GO, because of his involvement in skin gambling website CS:GO Magic.

We will update this story if we receive anymore information.