This YouTuber's Savage Response To A Body-Shaming Troll Just Reached Legendary Status

13 June 2017, 15:52 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

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By Liam Dryden

If you're going to try and body-shame Meghan Tonjes, don't do it from an account that can be traced back to your job.

Rule #1: If you're going to come for Meghan Tonjes, don't accidentally put your job in jeopardy. This is a lesson one troll very recently learned, when attempting to fat-shame the vlogger and musician on her Instagram.

meghan tonjes body positivity instagram

A big theme in Meghan Tonjes' account is body positivity.

As the founder of the #bootyrevolution campaign, Meghan posts a lot of images celebrating her own body confidence; but unfortunately, there are always going to be trolls that for some reason, try their damnedest to bring people down.

On an Instagram post from this week, Meghan posted the caption "I demolish my bridges behind me...then there is no choice but to move forward"; to which another user saw the opportunity to make an incredibly tacky dig at her weight.

"Of course you'll demolish bridges, you weigh a Tonne [sic] you fat fuck!" wrote the user. Classy.

Stupidly, this person wrote this from their very public account.

And super-sleuth Tonjes was having none of it. A quick search of her troll's profile was all she needed to learn who this individual was; and most importantly, where they work.

meghan tonjes troll instagram

Upon realising that the person fat-shaming her was an occupational therapist, Meghan took the responsibility of contacting the nursing home where they work, according to her Instagram story.

"You work in a nursing home, with elderly and I imagine sometimes obese patients," notes Meghan. "And you, sir, need to not."

"I'm not a pro-doxxing, pro-'lose your job' type bitch; but if you want to be a careless asshole, you can be anonymous."

Don't f*ck with the queen.

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