Meghan Tonjes Weighs In On A Serious Part Of The Adsense Controversy

1 September 2016, 16:51 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

After advertising was removed from her videos discussing rape and sexual abuse, Meghan Tonjes opens up about her concerns with YouTube's big change.

With #YouTubeIsOverParty still trending on Twitter, it's safe to say that the anger following YouTube's controversial update to their Terms Of Service still hasn't quite subsided. With more and more examples appearing of the types of videos YouTube is removing Adsense monetisation from, a lot of disenfranchised creators are apprehensive the brand's motives. And musician and activist Meghan Tonjes has one of the most questionable cases of all.

Meghan reveals that most of her own videos that have had ads removed already seem to specifically include subject matter pertaining to issues of rape. Videos discussing cases such as convicted rapist Brock Turner have had their Adsense disabled - sparking an incendiary video from Meghan, previously titled "Does YouTube Condone R*PE?"

"A lot of people are making money off this site, including and especially YouTube," explains Meghan. "Up until now they've really reaped the benefits of people bringing in an audience and having advertisers next to it".

"I just personally want to know the advertisers and what they specifically want and don't want; so that I know who I want and don't want to work with."

Meghan, who admits that most of her income as a creator comes from external sources such as Patreon and brand work, believes that most of her fears of YouTube's enforcement of their new TOS will result in a watered-down form of YouTube's old "Broadcast Yourself" motto, where people will be too afraid to discuss uncomfortable subjects such as sexual abuse .

"It's important that we get to talk about rape and assault and things that are really hard to talk about because a lot of us have gone through it," admits Meghan. "And it's easier to identify and heal from your trauma when you know that there are other people going through it."

YouTube will reportedly be releasing a statement soon in response to the creators community's concerns.