Melanie Murphy Opens Up About Her Bisexuality

7 July 2016, 14:59 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Aysen Miller

Cartoon Mel is adorable, SQUISHY!

We've recently seen a small number of YouTubers opening up and sharing their sexuality stories with us. Take Gabriella Lindley for example, who came out about her bisexuality last year over Twitter and then recently mentioned it again in a vlog this month. Also, the lovely Dodie Clark who officially came out as bisexual in a YouTube video in May.

Following in their footsteps we now turn to the fantastic Melanie Murphy, who took to social media on July 6th and opened up about her sexuality in a YouTube video collaboration with Storybooth. She had previously shared the fact that she labels herself as a bisexual on social media, but the brand new video has since received an overwhelming positive response. Yay! You can see her realisation vlog below.


Following her video, many of her followers and members of the YouTube community have asked the popular question; "how do you know if you're bisexual?". Melanie relays her story in the most amazing way with a cartoon video collaboration with Storybooth, a company whose aim is to take real-life stories and experiences from YouTubers and young kids, and bring them to life through the use of animation.

Throughout the story, Melanie details every experience she went through from being at school and fancying a female teacher at the age of 8, going through a break up with her boyfriend and kissing a girl for the first time, and feeling trapped in her sexuality at university. Once Melanie felt comfortable enough to express herself and not allow herself to be defined by her bisexuality, she said it was a "freeing experience" which allowed her to "love and respect [herself] entirely".

Her fans have inundated the YouTuber with a series of support and congratulation comments, and we are so happy for her. Self-love and liberation, we are all for it nowadays! Let us know what you thought about Melanie's video and her collaboration with Storybooth, and make sure you check out our weekly series of SLAY or NAY in which we round up all the juiciest YouTuber news and gossip just for you. We're so good to you here.