There's Finally An App Just For Dank Memes - And It Will Make Your Life 420% Better

14 August 2017, 09:24 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Dank Memes App

By Benedict Townsend

We don't know how it's taken this long, but there is finally, FINALLY a free app designed for the express purpose of browsing and making memes

Rejoice, memelords, edgelords and normies everywhere - there is finally an app designed for the specific purpose of serving up freshly made memes. The app is called Memeois and it's available right now for the grand old price of free. The app also features no ads whatsoever - so as well as being an incredibly comfortable browsing environment, it also appears to be a delightfully terrible business model.



The app was developed by an enterprising 17 year old by the name of Anushk Mittal and is currently only available on Apple devices. Anushk says “our mission remains to build a network, a platform, which is intuitive enough to not think much about but yet comprehensively packs solutions to create the perfect meme-ing experience.”

Here's what it does

Memeois features a whole host of meme-centric features. Here's a quick run down, straight from the app's website. It seems English may not be the creator's first language, so enjoy some colourful phrasing:

  • Meme browsing: "An endless Feed with memes that you’d love. We use Machine Learning to match your interest based on the trends and your social network."
  • Meme-making tools: "Creating new viral is not longer exclusive. Memeois offers in-app support to create quick memes from template or design new ones through your own meme images."
  • Meme editing: "Memes go viral with changing content. Memeois offers a Quick Edit feature to easily modify memes as you browse them and seamlessly share it with your friends & the world."
  • Meme sharing: "Sharing is easier than ever with Memeois. Share memes as you browse with any social network natively without any branding with pre-filled meme caption text and the meme image.


All in all - seems like there's a just a bunch of memes. Perfect for people like us who forgot who to communicate like conventional human beings sometime around 2012. You can grab Memeois right now by clicking here.

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